Big Generator

Big Generator have always been regarded as somewhat of a benchmark of how a band should sound and perform in their native Ireland.

From the beginning the band have always adopted a successful two strand approach playing a top quality covers set on one hand, while separately writing, recording and releasing self penned material on the other.

With over 20 years hard work and experience under their belts the band still strive for more and try to always move forward and evolve.

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Wedding Band Guide Cover

Need help deciding on the right band for your wedding?

We’ve created The Wedding Band Guide as the ultimate resource to for choosing the soundtrack and musicians to make your wedding unforgettable.

This 65 page guide is really easy to read and details all the things you need to consider when booking a band for your wedding.

The Wedding Band Guide was written by two musicians who have a combined 30 plus years experience gigging in and around Ireland for all kinds of events.